AI Strategy, Delivery
and Training.

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Freshriver helps Enterprises solve Business Problems
with Conversational AI and Fresh Perspectives.
How smart is your AI Assistant?

Chat and voice bots

Are new digital channels to solve old business problems

Authentically engage
your audience

your customer's

Personalize your
services at scale

Lower the cost of
providing services

Create a new
revenue channel

Bots have been trending

SINCE 2016

  • Facebook is littered with 100,000 bots that mostly failed.
  • Most are linearly designed with 100% deterministic
    like mobile apps.
  • Bots are a natural language interface, very different from
    mobile & web interfaces.

The Secret:

Bots are not mobile apps so stop building them that way

Customer expectations
for natural language
interfaces are very different.

Natural Language
+ Understanding

Sentiment analysis.

Machine learning.

What we DO Architects + Delivers Strategic, Enterprise Grade Conversational AI Assistant pilot production MVP with business value delivery.

We Train Enterprise teams to Upskill in the fast-evolving spectrum of Conversational AI design and technology.

How we DO IT

We leverage our value creation transformation framework to solve critical business problems for Fortune 100 clients with a Conversational AI and Data Science SWAT team approach.

We provide a highly trained and skilled Pod with a Strategic Architect, conversation designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, QA and Data dealer to immerse into the existing Enterprise ecosystem to design, develop and deliver a meaningful AI Assistant MVP at reasonable Enterprise speed.

Strategic architects & technologists

With problem finding frameworks

Data Catalog

Catches contextual/domain perspective relashionship
which enables varied users to use data efficiently.

Conversational AI

Provides easy to use AI based
conversational interface to access
information such as acronums,
definitions, policy documents.

Contract Analyzer

Understand complex/lengthy legal contracts and
extracts key entitiy by understanding its semantics.

Text Summarizer

Summarizes lengthy documents into
meaningful and crisp insights.


Allows users to ask questions and system answers
effectively by understanding semantic-contextual

Web Crawler

Scraps data from websites and provides
answers to questions by understanding
contextual essence of the query.

Report Analyzer

Allows users to ask questions and system answers
effectively by understanding semantic-contextual

Deep, broad, expanding tech stack
expertise to solve problems

Conversation Design is NOT UI/UX Design

Designers trained
in Social Sciences

Copywriters with journalism,
screen writing expertise

AI trainers with linguistics
and coding background

Some ships we navigated

About Us

Focused, Creative, Transformational
Mindsets came together

Broad Enterprise domain experience to find meaningful business

Deep technical and design expertise to delivery value.

Team represents the human race to ensure AI Assistants
serve Consumers and Brands well

p.s. – our designers and engineers actually get along well.

The Engine Room Keyhole

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178 E. Hanover, Suite 103-134, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927
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