Develop Business Outcome Focused AI


Growing range of bots deployed across multiple platforms: - Alexa - Google Home


Growing range of bots deployed across multiple platforms - Website - SMS Text - Private Messaging - Public Messaging (FB Messenger, What's App) - Slack, Kik

Bot Development

Create outcome-focused AI use cases across critical enterprise functions impacting top & bottom line for future-proofing growth and against competition. Develop time to market, full service AI solution

Data Driven Product Design

Create Flows based on user iteractions

Solution Architecture Develipment

Develop Bot Requirements & Conversation User Flow

Agile Prototyping

Develop Mockups and Visual Flows to test Intents

Bot Analytics

Analyze interactions and fallouts

Technical Breadth and Depth to design, build, deploy AI-powered products and measure success

Natural Language Processing

Leverage Cognitive / NLP frameworks : AWS Lex, AWS Alexa, AWS Machine Learning, Microsoft QnA Maker/bot framework, Azure Machine Learning, IBM Watson, Google DialogFlow, Orbita.


Analytics : Google,, Clarabridge/ML-based voice analytics, Voci Technologies/voice to text, Domo, ListenLogic

Crowd Sourcing

Crowdsourced testing platforms : Applause, SurveyMonkey


CRM platforms : HubSpot, Salesforce, MSFT Dynamics, Oracle, Zoho


Collaboration, Messaging, Social networking platforms : Slack, Zoom, Skype, Kik, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, SnapChat

Multi-Channel Development

Voice Assistants (Alexsa, Google Home) Mobile (Android, IOS) Web Development

Full Life Cycle Bot Development from Strategy to Deployment